Xbox One Walkthrough


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  1. Turn on your console, press the button in the center of your controller and select “Add new”
  2. Enter the Email that we have sent you and press the “Enter” button
  3. Enter the password we have sent you and press “Enter”
  4. Under “Login and Security Options” select the “Barrier-Free” option
  5. In “Link Control” select the “Skip” option
  6. In “Join Xbox Live Gold Now” select the option “Continue” and “No, thanks”
  7. Now in the Main Menu, select the “Store” option and then “Search”
  8. Write the name of the game you just purchased and select the “Install” option
  9. Return to the main menu, press the control center button, select “System” and then “Settings”
  10. Select “Personalization,” select “My Home Xbox,” select “Make This My Home Xbox,” and again select “Make This My Home Xbox.”
  11. Go back to your personal account, wait for the game to finish downloading and play!